Noisy Contemplation – Deep Prayer for Busy People, by William Callahan
softcover, 192 pages

This classic of contemporary spirituality (which has sold over 100,000 copies) is newly revised for the 21st century. You’ll find chapters on how Jesus practiced Noisy Contemplation, marks of healthy prayer, contempation amid conflict, the spirituality of social justice, the joys of ”merry prayer” and more. Noisy Contemplation will help busy people everywhere cultivate a more contemplative life.

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A Bad Case of the Good News

How wonderfully ironic: a book of poetry by a man whose entire life was poetry! This book captures Bill Callahan’s spirit, his loves, and his faith – in his own words. It is an ode to justice and peace. A Bad Case of the Good News – indeed!

SALE! 83% Off Original Price of $15.00

$ 2.50

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