Daily Dispatch 11/14/18

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Daily Dispatch

November 14, 2018

Top Stories:

New study points to rapid decline in food stamps due to Trump’s “public charge” rule. Boston Medical Center’s Children’s HealthWatch observed a 10% drop in enrollments in the first half of 2018.

United States only UN nation to oppose UNHCR resolution on refugees. From US economic ambassador: “We regret that the resolution before us today contains elements that run directly counter to my government’s sovereign interests.”


Big Brother lands in a traffic light near you, as ICE contracts with Houston’s Cowboy Streetlight Concealments to install hidden surveillance cameras in several Texas cities.

ICE posts solicitation for 1,200 “Stack-A-Bunk” plastic bunk beds for its Florence, El Paso, Port Isabel, Miami, and Batavia detention centers. Mother Jones describes the units as “human-sized pieces of plastic that allow jailers to do the bare minimum needed to comply with the law,” characterizing it as akin to “sleeping on Tupperware.”

These Guys:

Former ICE boss, Thomas Homan, rumored to be next DHS Secretary once Nielsen is out, eliciting this response from one former ICE official:

Scott Lloyd, head of the Office of Refugees and Resettlement at HHS (the agency that lost track of 3,000+ immigrant children over the past year), is preparing an anti-abortion book – ‘cuz if anyone knows how to make decisions about other people’s kids, it’s this guy:

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