Daily Dispatch 11/8/18

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Daily Dispatch

November 8, 2018

A brief one today, as Quixote Center is spread around the country…

Top Stories:

Sessions disliked by religious leaders across the board.

After all the heated rhetoric over immigration in the 2018 campaigns, Mitch McConnell responds to question about whether Congress will tackle immigration with a resounding “who knows.”

Trump expected to sign executive order further limiting asylum before leaving for Paris on Friday.

The day after this week’s elections, the Department of Defense announces that it has ditched the title “Operation Faithful Patriot” that it had assigned to the movement of troops to the US-Mexico border. Asked for comment, the Pentagon’s spokesperson said, “in order to provide more context to the mission on the Southwest border, we are simply describing the mission in everyday terms, support to Customs and Border Protection.”


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