Daily Dispatch 9/10/18

A series in which we (will aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.


September 10, 2018


The Gridiron:

NFL backing down from its national anthem protest policy – for now.

Will Trump’s use of NFL to stoke racial tensions succeed or backfire in midterm battlegrounds?

Miss America contestant wins preliminary round based on answer to NFL question: “Kneeling during the national anthem is absolutely a right that you have… It’s very important that we also have to take into consideration that it is not about kneeling: It is absolutely about police brutality.”

College of the Ozarks scraps its Nike gear as its President blasts the company’s new ad campaign: “If Nike is ashamed of America, we are ashamed of them.”

Louisiana Mayor send memo to Parks and Rec booster clubs: “under no circumstances will any Nike product or any product with the Nike logo be purchased for use or delivery at any City of Kenner Recreation Facility.”

Note: Nike remains the official apparel sponsor for the NFL through 2028 (LOL), so they can probably absorb the hit…

The Lawsuits:

Flores co-counsel to challenge DOJ efforts to withdraw from agreement and detain immigrant children indefinitely.

Class-action lawsuit against government officials and agency staff cites long-term trauma of family separation and multiple violations of due process, civil rights.

The lawsuit names the following as defendants:

  • Stephen Miller (White House)
  • John Kelly (White House)
  • Jeff Sessions (DOJ)
  • Kirstjen Nielsen (DHS)
  • Gene Hamilton (DOJ)
  • Thomas Homan (ICE)
  • Ronald Vitiello (ICE)
  • Frank Cissna (USCIS)
  • Kevin McAleenan (CBP)
  • Alex Azar (HHS)
  • Scott Lloyd (ORR)
  • ICE agents
  • CBP officers
  • ORR personnel

From earlier this summer: “Stephen [Miller] Actually Enjoys Seeing Those Pictures at the Border

The Policies:

Jeff Sessions announces plan to increase number of immigration judges by 50% by year’s end.

On the systematic dismantling of the government’s refugee infrastructure in the age of Trump.

“Why We Cross the Border in El Paso”: Families that straddle the border witness drastic changes through the decades.

The Fallout:

ACLU’s Lee Gelernt travels to Guatemala, where two-thirds of deported, separated families are refusing reunification, citing gang violence.

In first speech, new UN Human Rights Commissioner demands “redress” for Trump’s “unconscionable” family separation policy.

The Academics:

Study finds that two-thirds of America’s GDP expansion “directly attributable to migration.”

In light of the Trump administration’s questioning citizenship of Texas Latinos, a brief history of passports.

The World:

Swedish far-right party takes 17.6% of votes in parliamentary elections. German officials view it as an unfortunate turning point, noting that “the gap between facts and perceived reality is getting ever bigger.”

On the need to humanize migration in South Africa.

Despite recent anti-immigration protests, violence, labor shortage leaves Germany in need of 400,000 foreign workers.

The Paywalls:

“Deciding the fates of immigrants in a traffic-court setting”: Immigration judges buck DOJ’s restrictions of judicial independence (NYT).

A profile of new home construction and tombs in Guatemala paid through remittances from undocumented workers in the US and covered in American flags (NYT).

A profile of a reunified Guatemalan family starting a new life in Oregon, coping with a traumatic past and facing an uncertain future (NYT).

A timeline of the NFL protest controversy (WSJ).



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