Daily Dispatch 9/14/18


A series in which we (aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.


September 14, 2018


An emotional profile of the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. And a chilling, interactive database of the dead.

Florence and Maria:

Mandatory evacuation of Virginia and the Carolinas will not include inmates in at least three correctional facilities.

Immigration advocates encouraging evacuation despite fears of ICE.

Stephen Colbert fact-checks Trump’s self-centered conspiracy theory on Puerto Rico:

For shame:

Dalai Lama echoes rhetoric of far-right parties in Europe – “Europe belongs to the Europeans,” adding that Europe should help refugees when possible but ultimately refugees “should develop their own country.” (It’s really not as bad as Twitter would have you believe… but still…)

White evangelicals overlook Trump’s … flaws… because they support his immigration policy… (if this were a text, there would be an eye-roll emoji right here).

Acting ICE director attends annual hate-group jamboree.

Quebec seeks to reduce immigration and expel those who fail French language and values test, but Trudeau’s government is not keen on the idea. 


Steve Bannon partners with conservative Catholic group to build “alt-right Catholic compound” in Rome, with focus on “Christendom” in Europe.

The Proposals:

Proposed court agreement would give separated parents a second chance at asylum.

Obrador’s government not interested in Trump’s offer of $20 million to speed up deportations of migrants detained in Mexico.

The Box Office:

Oscar buzz surrounding “Icebox,” which follows a 12 year old’s journey from Honduras to US detention center.

In other news:

Nike is fine.



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