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A series in which we (aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.


September 17, 2018


An emotional profile of the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. And a chilling, interactive database of the dead.

Top Stories:

Customs and Border Protection agent admits to being a serial killer after fifth victim escapes execution. Ortiz is the second CBP agent in Laredo, TX to be arrested for multiple murders.

Related: ICE agent arrested on multiple counts of sodomy and incest.

Uncertainty surrounds immigration enforcement during Hurricane Florence, as ICE fails to issue public statement of reassurance for undocumented evacuees.

Protests planned at White House, Trump Tower, and Mar-a-lago for “week of action” to demand justice for Puerto Rico (to learn more or to participate, visit #BoricuasRemember).

Hardship and isolation lead to mental health issues among Puerto Rican youth – the “Maria Generation.”

FEMA head, Brock Long, defends Trump and downplays “indirect” deaths in Puerto Rico.

Sports (or “Sport” if you’re British or LeBron James):

“Love is at the root of our resistance!” NFL players continue knee-taking.

NFL players take NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on a tour of the criminal justice system as part of their Players Coalition social justice program.

Texas Farm Bureau’s Gene Hall says they want to avoid controversy by prohibiting employees from wearing Nikes to work. (Don’t feel bad, Nike. Gene Hall is the worst.)

Related: Mississippi’s Department of Public Safety Commissioner blah blah blah … “boo, Nike” … blah blah blah – the buried headline here is that Nike makes tactical training uniforms. Who knew?!

Those Protests You’ve Been Hearing About Are Not About the Flag:

Former Florida police chief and several officers guilty of multiple civil rights violations for racial profiling, framing.

The case of a man tried 6 times for the same murder reveals racial bias in prosecution and jury selection.

Not So Fast, Government:

Federal judge says no to DOJ’s plan to withhold anti-gang funding from jurisdictions that do not cooperate with ICE.

Federal judge wants to talk to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross about this whole census citizenship question thing.

Pay Attention, Government:

Congress isn’t even looking into the handling of Puerto Rico post-Maria.

Government? What Government?

Hillary Clinton pens op-ed in the Atlantic on racism, immigration, “shithole countries,” the NFL, the rule of law, how Trump broke democracy, and whether there’s any way to fix it.

Who Signed Off On This?:

University of Maryland’s student counseling center is seeking to create a “safe space for White students.”

Are you Canadian? Have you ever smoked pot? If so, you’re banned from America FOR LIFE.

News for Your Ears:

Listen to this interview with a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who talks about his experience as an undocumented immigrant and his new book, Dear America. (From NPR’s Weekend Edition.)

Check out this weekend’s episode of This American Life on Trump’s wide-ranging changes to the immigration and refugee systems. (Also available on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.)

The World:

Polls show that 44% of Bavarians view immigration as the most important issue in upcoming elections and 11% plan to vote for Neo-Nazi far-right AfD party.

Survey reveals how Brits understand British culture, multi-culturalism, and immigration.

On new Australian Prime Minister’s desk: a toy sized migrant boat with the words “I Stopped These” painted on the side (… classy…).

Deep Dives:

The title says it all: “A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come” (from The Atlantic).

In-depth profile of the community where ICE conducted one of its largest raids (from the Houston Chronicle).

Inmate co-authored article on the research, the laws, and the politics of caring for inmates whose violence is caused by mental illness (from the Marshall Project).

More on the social and political history of passports.

Behind the Paywalls:

On Trump’s dismantling of America’s refugee program (from WaPo).

Holiday Bonus:

Some “fake-news” to wish you a Happy “Constitution and Citizenship Day”!



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