Daily Dispatch 9/5/18

A series in which we (will aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

September 5, 2018

Top Stories:

Trump says speech condemning white supremacists was “biggest fucking mistake I’ve made.”

According to Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, Fear —  After Trump’s post-Charlottesville debacle, aides struggled to convince Trump to deliver a statement denouncing white supremacists. After reading this “clean up” speech at the White House, Trump erupted, describing it as “the biggest fucking mistake I’ve made.” Saying it made him look weak, he continued, “that’s the worst speech I’ve ever given. I’m never going to do anything like that again” – and the next day, in a now infamous impromptu news conference at Trump Tower, he walked back his condemnation, citing “blame on both sides.”

Nike takes sides on NFL “take a knee” controversy, with mixed reactions.

As football season gets underway, Trump decided to kick things off with a tweet rebuking NFL players who kneel during the national anthem (he still doesn’t get it…). On the 30th anniversary of “Just Do It,” Nike responded, announcing its position on the controversy by featuring Colin Kaepernick in a bold new ad campaign – “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

LeBron James backed Nike’s decision. Investors, not so much. Of course (see above), Trump said the ad is “a terrible message and a message that shouldn’t be sent. There’s no reason for it.” (Last year, Nike closed its flagship store in Trump Tower, opting for a spot just up the street. Also, Trump’s beef with the NFL is long-standing, resulting from years of failed bids to purchase teams.)

Consumers also lashed out, destroying their own expensive shoes to demonstrate their firm stance against the first amendment.

The consumer backlash prompted this from former Mega-church pastor John Pavlovitz:

And this from multiple twitter users:

Happening Now:

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces questions on decisions on an immigrant minor seeking an abortion and immigrant workers seeking to unionize.

Around the Country:

Two families, Honduran and Jamaican, both long-time residents with US citizen children, take sanctuary in Philadelphia church to avoid imminent deportation.

In Tennessee’s Shelby County, county attorney cites constitutional concerns as reason for refusing ICE requests to detain immigrants after their release dates.

Around the World:

Britain also stripping citizenship, leaving this six year old son of British father stateless.          

More on the Neo-Nazi resurgence in Germany and the dark global trend it represents.

On the dangerous search for deported parents in Central America’s Northern Triangle.

Around DC:

Warnings that Brett Kavanaugh will side with Trump’s immigration policies, strengthening his “virtual border wall.”

Related: An update on DACA and why it will likely end up before the Supreme Court soon.

Hate group convenes gathering of conservative radio hosts and activists as part of anti-immigrant week in DC.

It’s not about a “merit-based” immigration system after all, as USCIS continues to tighten H-1B visas, placing “highly skilled” immigrants in danger of detention and deportation.




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