Why InAlienable?

INALIENABLE is a direct response to the administration’s efforts to criminalize immigrants.

InAlienable is the name the Quixote Center selected for our work to counter efforts to cast the neighbor as “alien.” We envision a society in which no one is alienated from his/her basic rights or from one another. The current United States criminal justice system and immigration policies both seek to cast our neighbor as “the other” and use this “othering” to monetize the suffering they cause. Building on the Center’s history of working for criminal justice reform, we seek systems based on restoration rather than retribution.

The program’s current focus is on the intersections of immigration policy and mass incarceration. We call out policies and tactics that aim to dehumanize, and expose those poised to profit from the “othering” of the neighbor.

We are 


Current Initiatives

Current initiatives focus on immigrant detention and the policing of the border in response to the chilling trends we see under the Trump administration. We are committed to the belief that all people are entitled to pursue a life of freedom and dignity – no matter where they are from.


  • We are a member of the Franciscan Network on Migration. We provide assistance to Central American migrants in Mexico through a network of shelters including La 72 Casa Migrantes in Tenosique and Casa Migrantes in Mazatlan.
  • Staff also take part in visitation projects in Maryland and Virginia

Public Education

  • We research and write about incarceration, uncovering the connections between for profit corporations and immigrant detention.
  • We offer news alerts, research, analysis, satire, and calls for action through InAlienable’s Daily DispatchSign up for the Daily Dispatch here


  • Local Action: We work to connect people to organizations and volunteer opportunities in their community.  View our Local Action Map and related resources here.
  • We work on public policy with the goal of creating a more humane system built on alternatives to incarceration or monitoring.
  • The Quixote Center staff also work with individuals caught up in the system, offering accompaniment to appointments with ICE and other agencies in collaboration with other D.C. area programs.



InAlienable builds on 40 years of work at the Quixote Center in naming injustice, international solidarity, and efforts to improve the justice system. Some of the social justice projects that grew out of work done at the Quixote Center include: Christic Institute (public interest law), EJUSA (Equal Justice USA, campaign to end the death penalty), and the Grassroots Investigation Project. Additionally, the Quixote Center has produced the Capital Defense Handbook and supported DC Books to Prisons.

Contact Us

  • Quixote Center
    P.O. Box 1950
    Greenbelt, MD 20768
  • Office: 301-699-0042

Directions to office:

6305 Ivy Lane, Suite 255. Greenbelt, MD 20770

For public transportation: We are located near the Green Belt metro station (green line)