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Local Action Map Project

Looking to do something concrete to help solve the problems faced by far too many of our nation’s immigrants, particularly those who are poor, frightened, and seeking asylum in the United States? This map shows you where you can donate your time and talents to helping immigrants caught up in the immigration system through accompaniment, detention visitation, translation, and other forms of advocacy.  Please note this map is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Please help us expand it and keep it updated. If you know of an organization or network in your area that we should add, please complete this form so we can add your information to ours! Thank you!

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Other national databases

Other groups have assembled national lists as well. The lists included below are based on specific needs, and may be easier to use if you already know exactly what kind of service you are looking to volunteer with (or may need yourself). National Association of Social Workers, “How to Volunteer to Help Immigrant Children Separated from Families”  Catholic Immigration Legal Services, “National Legal Service List/Family Separation” Immigration Advocates, “Legal services database”  Immigration Advocates, “Pro Bono Resource Center” (for attorneys looking to volunteer)

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