Quest for Peace

The Quest for Peace is a program of liberating development. Quest for Peace seeks to build a policy of peace and friendship between the people of the United States and Nicaragua by working to realize a world of greater opportunity and justice.

Current Partners:

Institute of John XXIII

In effort to alleviate Nicaragua’s housing crisis, the Quixote Center and the Institute of John XXIII, our Nicaraguan partners, have worked to provide housing to impoverished Nicaraguans since reconstruction efforts following Hurricane Mitch in 1998. We construct high quality, earthquake and hurricane resistant homes. Through a network of institutional relationships, including the bank Banpro, we now support a financially self-sustaining model for affordable housing. The key component of this model is the creation of financial trust whose funds are used to provide rolling loans for housing. The Quixote Center committed $2 million to the creation of this trust. Most importantly this project is self-sustaining. The capacity of the program will continue to grow while more families each year enjoy the many benefits of a secure and dignified home. To succeed in this endeavor, many hands and hearts are needed. Please read our full description of this project, and make a lasting contribution to the fight against homelessness.. A failed season means poor families must purchase any seeds they can for the next crop cycle. Oftentimes, families cannot purchase enough seeds, resulting in smaller crop yields and diminished economic opportunities.


The Quixote Center launched The Quest for Peace in 1985 to challenge the Reagan administration’s efforts to topple the Sandinista government. The goal was to ensure that the movement in the United States delivered a combination of material aid and direct solidarity at levels greater than the amount of money appropriated by Congress to support the Contras. The Center led a nationwide, all-volunteer effort to collect, deliver and distribute much needed material aid to those in Nicaragua opposed to the U.S.-backed Contras. The Quixote Center managed the national tally of material assistance, work brigades and other forms of solidarity in 1986 and 1987. The Center was able to demonstrate that the solidarity community in the U.S. spent more trying to help the people of Nicaragua than Reagan’s administration did trying to topple the government. The focus on material aid during the 1980s transitioned into a greater financial commitment to support community development and housing in the 1990s. The current program, Homes of Hope, has its roots in Quixote Center assistance to the Institute of John XXIII to support reconstruction efforts in Nicaragua following Hurricane Mitch (1998). The Institute of John XXIII ended up building more homes than the government of Nicaragua in the years immediately after the Hurricane.

Quest for Peace Initiatives:

Homes of Hope

In effort to alleviate Nicaragua’s housing crisis the Quixote Center and the Institute of John XXIII, our Nicaraguan partners, have worked to provide housing to impoverished Nicaraguans for more than 15 years. We construct high quality, earthquake and hurricane resistant homes. Joined by Banpro, a Nicaraguan bank, we now present a creative evolution of our affordable housing model, financially self-sustaining and capable of producing many more houses.

If you navigate to our story map, you can see a representation of the locations of the most recent phase of housing construction.

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