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ICE must stop ALL deportation flights!

Last week ICE deported 61 people to Haiti. Though deportation flights have been occurring at a regular pace to countries throughout Central America in recent weeks, the flight to Haiti raised criticism to a new level. Certainly, given the fragility of Haiti’s health infrastructure, the administration could find a way to halt deportations for a […]

Take Action: #FreeThemAll and End Deportation Flights

#FreeThemAll week of Action Continues today Drawing connections between immigrant detention and mass incarceration. As part of this work, there is a webinar being offered this afternoon, put together by several organizations working on decarceration in the context of the threat of COVID-19 to those behind bars. You can also help to amplify social media […]

Update: While flights continue, Wilson introduces bill to halt deportations to Haiti

We reported on Friday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was intending to include several people confirmed positive with COVID-19 on a deportation flight to Haiti. You can read that related background on the flights here. On Monday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed three people from a deportation flight to Haiti once it was made public […]

President Biden re-starts deportations to Haiti

September 14 marked one month since a devastating earthquake struck the southern peninsula of Haiti, leaving over 2,200 people dead and 137,000 homes damaged or destroyed. On September 15, the Biden administration marked the passing of the month by deporting dozens of families, including infants and young children to Haiti. Though not particularly surprising, I […]

#FreeThemAll, Halt Deportations

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is currently holding 16,600 people in its network of detention facilities. This is the lowest number since Clinton was president. And yet, the reasons for this low number are not by and large good, nor has the reduced crowding in detention facilities translated into better conditions.  How ICE got to 16.000…  […]

Take Action to Halt Deportations to Haiti

One of the most obvious ways in which ICE continues to thumb its bureaucratic nose at decency and common sense is their policy of continuing deportations amidst a global pandemic. Based on information from public flight tracking websites, the Center for Economic and Policy Research has identified 330 likely deportation flights to Latin America and […]

WTF Trump? Stop the flights already!!

The Trump administration has lost its mind. Really.  During this pandemic, borders have been closed, airports shuttered and international travel generally restricted across the globe, all in an effort to contain COVID-19. The Trump administration has gone as far, or further, than most. It has shut U.S. borders to “non-essential” travel, which along the southern […]

Deportations and #FreeThemALL: Another week of action

Around the world, leaders are closing borders, restricting travel and movement, mandating social distancing, and employing various restrictions on when, how and which business can be open. This includes the United States.  However, for the business of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, things have been cruising along, pandemic be damned. There are many outrages here, but […]

ICE and CBP need to suspend detention and deportation operations

  Read more about InAlienable.Support Quixote Center’s InAlienable program! InAlienableDaily Dispatch March 13, 2020 Yesterday, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued a five point statement on justice for immigrants and workers in response to the coronavirus and COVID-19. You can read the full statement and background here. The five points: STOP ICE and CBP : Enact an […]

The Carbon Footprint of Detention and Deportation: ICE Air Operations

Deportation and detention as practiced by the United States is inhumane. We regularly report on abuses in the system and try to encourage folks to get involved in pushing back against the Trump administration’s practices. Though not often talked about, ICE operations are also environmentally destructive. A significant source of global greenhouse emissions is the deportation […]

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